Model & Beauty Headshots


Your headshots tell a brand everything they need to know about you as a model. Which makes a model’s first headshots and every subsequent portfolio investment a pivotal moment in your modelling career.

I’ll help direct your clothing choice and poses to match industry standards and firmly plant you in the mind of any casting agency.

For the more experienced models, we’ll capture the versatility of your style and highlight the unique attributes that will win you callbacks and jobs.


Model & Beauty Headshots

specialised portfolio shoot for new & experienced models

Use your shoot to advance specific parts of your portfolio. We can work together to build a new portfolio containing beauty shots, a clean headshot, plus both editorial and commercial style images.


£375 half day shoot / Choose up to 2 studio backgrounds or on location / Receive up to 40 professional images containing 10 retouched images


As a professional modelling headshot photographer, I have over 20 years experience finding and highlighting the features that will make brands fall over each other to hire you.

I will also help you feel confident enough to set your boundaries and command the camera. Our shoots are not only the best way to kick start your career but also a mini masterclass in showcasing your best side.


Male model with tattoos and body piercings wearing a hat but without shirt, photographed outside Tate Modern using a fog machine.

Whether you are working to promote yourself, a specific aspect of your work, or both, the Model Branding Portfolio package provides the flexibility and customisation for us to collaborate and create the ideal photo collection to meet all your professional photography needs. You may not be famous yet, but you can still look like a celebrity!


Teenage girl sitting on a stool wearing a pink jumper and blue jeans with her foot up on the stool

As a Model, your headshot is one of your most powerful tools. Your headshots should play the role of communicating the authenticity. My Model headshots aim to show you as authentic and polished.


Areas covered

When it comes to model headshots, professional lighting or environmental natural light make or break the final product. I shoot in and around Reading but I’m happy to transport my set to your chosen location in the surrounding area or Greater London. For any locations outside of RG17,  I charge a nominal 0.55p per mile 


What are my portrait and modelling clients saying?

“I have used Ian’s services a number of times now…I have found him to be a great professional with a real eye for detail” – Josh

“I’m staffered! I knew from what I saw on your laptop that there looked to be some good shots, but these go way beyond what I was expecting” – Glyn

“He really understood how to position me and use the lights to bring the best out of my features” – Zita


Create a closing shot they won’t forget.

The modelling industry is going through its greatest transformation in decades. Strike while the iron is hot. Get started with a free consultation.

As a model, you’ll know styling and retouching are key. Learn more about my approach to these elements here:

Your headshot in three easy steps

Book a shoot

Due to current restrictions please call or email me to discuss all shoot options.

Shoot session

At the moment most shoots are on location, in your home or place of work and don’t worry I can even bring a monitor so you can view your images as we shoot.

Select your images

Choose your favourite images at the end of your shoot & we can discuss any retouch options if required.